Friday, 22 August 2014

More Vampire and some in game pictures

This is my latest models for my Vampire Army Hex wraights and a Vampire lord on foot. I also includee some in game pictres of my latest game at the club an on tournaments.(Indian summer) Next tournaments will be Invasion, NM and BSK. BSK is a four plyaer team tournamennt in Sweden.  photo 1_zpsb6db2620.jpg  photo 2_zpscc1ead40.jpg  photo 4_zps2ad3b3cd.jpg Game 1 Ogres Vs Empire I Lost this game bad. I lost the slaugertmaster in a miscast in round two. Game 2 vs Skaven. A small lost sorry no pictures  photo 5_zpsfafcc089.jpg Game 3 vs Empire This game was a draw  photo 6_zpsb09f2fee.jpg More from Game 3  photo 7_zpsd0fbaea7.jpg Day 2 Game 4 vs Orcs and goblins. This game was also a draw  photo 8_zps3f44ef01.jpg More from game 4  photo 9_zpsb1346316.jpg Game 5 vs Dwarf This game was one of he better tactical game of WFB I have had. I won this vs an ETC player. Yes maybe I have some skill somewhere.........  photo 3_zps515fa568.jpg This is just a pictuers of my lates game at the club Ogre vs Skaven.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Vampire done(almost)

This is som pictures of my VC army. This army is now ready for battle. Maybe this will be my NM army.  photo 9.jpg  photo 1-1.jpg  photo 2-1.jpg  photo 3-1.jpg  photo 4-1.jpg  photo 5.jpg  photo 7.jpg  photo 10.jpg  photo 8.jpg I do have some more modles. Hex wraights is next out.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Crypt Ghols + a little more

Some updatede for my vampire army. Well my first thought was that I should take my time to paint this army really good. But After a few model a change this. I will play. Not the best paining I have done but I hope they will be OK at a gaming table.  photo 1.jpg 40 crypt ghols  photo 3.jpg  photo 2.jpg  photo 4.jpg 2 spirit host... and the wolfs. You have seem them before  photo 5.jpg Also I fit in time for 2 x razorgors for my Beastmen army. Models from Next out vargheist

Monday, 17 February 2014

Crypt horrors

Well My third fantasy Army is vampire count
I used some time before I choose this. I move from Dwarf, DoC, WoC., VC. Even all the elfs armies was on my mind. This is not a forgiving army so I have to play and learn.

In late November I stumble over a "used" army in Sweden. Well not  so "used" almost everything was on sprues...........

Second uit out  Crypt horrors
link to photos

(I do have some problem to upload photos to this blog.  Any way solve it?)

Next out their little brothers Crypt Ghols.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Sheffield Slaughter 1-2 february 2014

Sheffield Slaughter  1-2 february 2014
 I am very exiting about this tournament. My first UK trip since  2007.
Little nervous and worried about what I am going to face. We arrive early afternoon.
We had some food and a walk to the venue. A lot of people very t there. Everything went smooth and easy and I felt me very welcome.  During the evening I played a Dark elf army.
(Coldone bus is a very heavy sledge hammer in case any wonder) Lost to it but it was very great to have this first game on Friday night.

Game 1 vs Dan Atkinson and DoC
Great unclean one LV 4 death, Herald of Tzeetch on Burning chariot.  
Herald of nurgle BSB
2 x skull canons,  about 30 plaugbearers, 10-15 horrorsa,2 x nurglings
 Burnig chariot. blue horror upgrade,

Scenario Battle line 

Feelings before for this game. I feel that I have  chances for  some point if I can keep calm  and take it  easy. Priority is to take advantage of the distance of my spell vs his.

I started to deploy I choose a corner He chose the opposite.

I move fast with my chaff units. The big units I get in range for some spells.

Turn 1-4 he kill some chaff. I killed the Pink Horrors with a razorgor. I try to lure his plaguebearer out with some juicy target but he did not catch that bite. My spell is dispelled or failed to do any serious damage.
In his turn four hi fly’s out his burning chariot. Kill some harpies , Overrun  in range of my big blocks of Gors. I reform to make a charge in  turn five he make some warpflaming attacks and get some wounds, that force me to take at panic test with -1 in Ld test makes it ld8 with re roll. Should be no problem. No no no failed both roll. OK. It is a long distance to the table edge. O yeah rolled eleven and my Gor unit with BSB is out. Bad bad bad. 
In my last turn I put all my efforts in to his chariot to destroy that. Nope failed to cast or dispelled.
In his last turn his chariot flaming my Bestigors, Same again ld 8 with reroll(Gleaming pennant). No no n o NOT again, Failed both rolls. Rolled dobbel six to run of the board. My opponent have never seen such bad dice roll………………..

Lost bad 0-20

We shake hand and he handle in the result and came back with a beer for me.
Feelings after the game. Alright.  Bad dice roll happen. Done with that……..
The end result maybe had been different If I had forced him to battle. You never know. I have probably had to face purple suns and spirit leach also.
The main mistake I think was that I did not see the threat from the burning chariot. Also that I did not  move the bestigors unit in to the middle of the table in my last turn. 

Warpflame. When I came home a looked at this rule, I can not find the rule l that I must take a panic test when hit with a warpflame. That I found is that I must take a T test and maybe suffer more wounds or get regen save. This was sadly wrong played. I do not think that this was his intention.
This cost me proably  10 point in total. Just speculation. Nothing more to do with it.

Or if you know the rule let me now where to find it.

Game 2 vs Alex McGee and WoC

General on disk lv 4 Metal, Bsb on foot, Throgg with 3 trolls. 25-30 Warriors. Slaughetbrute,
Manticore, 3 x Dragoon Ogre.
Scenario Meeting engagement
Feelings before this game- Warriors is always hard to fight. But when I see his list I think that I have a good chance. Spell range and number in my advantage. 

I deploy fist and both my general and BSB is forced to start in reserve. His warrior unit with BSB is forced in reserve. Turn 1 both of us try to get I better positions. Not so much more.

Turn 2-4 I move my Bestigors unit in to the face of his slaughterbrute. I get minsrazor on them.
He charges my Bestigos with his slaughterbrute.!!!!!! It went down easy. Mindrazor :o)
He is also lining up Throgg and troll to charge the Bestigors.
I redirect his warriors with razorgors and harpies, Long march for them to get in my lines.
Bestigor take out Throgg with trolls in 2-3 rounds of combat.
Manticore and Dragoon ogers do not so much. Dragoon ogres charge some  Ungors in a building. Believe it or not the ungor win the combat and the Dragoon ogres flee. The manticore is forced to flee too during this combat.
Turn 5-6 My Bestigors charge his warriors. His champion declares a challenge. He wins and Wow a daemon price is on the table.  The Beastigos wins and also take out the daemon price.
Gors had a nice and calm day. Just sat down and watch Bestigors doing their job.
Victory 15-5 for me. If I had get one more victory point more and I had won 16-4 

Of to the bar and Grab a beer each.  

Feelings after this game. Spells help me a lot to win this game. Also he entered his warrior on a
stange poing. He could have them much earlier in combat with another entry point.
Also ungors lucky win helped me. 

Game 3 vs John Harrison and Woc.
Scenario capture the forest. ( a modified Watchtower scenario)
A Blood forest is placed instead of a watchtower. See main rule book for more details.
1500p to the player that controls the forest.

Deamon Prince(nurgle) lv 4 death, chaos Sorceror LV 2 metal on disc. Exaltet Hero on mout BSB.

2 x (5 x Maruder horsemen) 2 x chaos chariots, 15 Marauders, 2x(3x Skullcruscher) 

Feelings before this game: Warrior again. A harder list this time.I hope to take the forest with my two big blocks. I will not face the daemon price with my blocks.

Turn 1-4 He starts. All a head with his skull crunchers. We are locked in combat for some turns before I killed both units.
 I feed the rest of his units with chaff, In turn four he lands the daemon prince behind my lines.

Turn 5-6 The daemon prince kills the small unit of Gors with both my level 2.
I entered the wood with both my big blocks. The Gor unit is grinded down by deamon price two chariots and his BSB. In the end I am alone in the forest. I win this game with 14-6.
He had a small marauders der unit that was trying to reach the forrest but it was too late for him

Feelings after the game. I stole this game.  I think my plan worked well. Maybe I thrown away to many chaff units with feeding his other units but the goal was also to keep the  big block away from the daemon prince as long as possible. The extra 1500p the forest gave me the victory. 

I bought a Beer for my for my opponent and we had a great chat and a big laugh about this game.


Day  one is over. One  lost two victories 29 p.  Tired but happy after all. I get some food and drinks. Walking around through the evening and talk to other player. A lot of things going on Star war X wing, Different board games and an 8 player mega battle warhammer. Hardcore they are those British player.


Day 2

Woke up Ahhhhh – Do I feel some hang over……YES I do. But a small breakfast a 10 min walk to the venue I was ready for more gaming. 

Game 4 Vs Dan  Broxholme and Vampie counts

List. Vampire Lord Lv2 Vampire. Necromancer lv2 Vampire, 2 x Cairn Wraith,

20 skeletons, 49 skeletons 2 x (5 x dire wolfs) 8 crypt horrors. 2  bat swarms 1 spirit hose

Mortis engine and vargulf 

Scenario dawn attack(great name BTW)

Feelings for this game.  Again I will try to pick some points. Goal his Vampire Lord and pick the rest later.
Turn 1  Moving slow up put some spells on his crypt Horrors will not face them yet.
 I get his scroll out. Aiming my Gors  unit for his Vampire lord.In the big unit of skeletons. Agian try to drag his unit out of position with my chaffs.
He marches up his vargulf and Vampire lord and mortis engine. Cryphorror stay back. 

Turn 2
Both of us try to get good positions. Some spell do some damage.
Turn 3. The big clash. I charge my  Gors in his big skeleton unit.  Plus a razergor into the flank.
I won big twice and two wound on the vampire lord, Great. Mindrazor. Yeah 

Turn 4 I charg Vargulf with my Bestigors.  I Won the combat but could not kill it.
I try to cast Mindrazor on the gors with power scroll this time. But failed. Believe it or not
The one thing that could go wrong did it. Dobbel one equal failed cast. Bahhh
The skeleton won and ran down the Gors  with the BSB 

Turn 5-6 Bestigor it going down to Cryp horrors. Ungor have the best days of their life and shoot down the Varg ulf. 

Lost 0-20
But I get a beer

Feelings after the game.  I think it turned when I failed to cast the mindrazor the second time
Stupid stupid me why only cast 2 dice. (He had no dispel dice left he used them to stop other spells)
Yes I only need 3+ but a small risk of not get I there is.  3 dice next time.

Game 5 Vs Conrad Cunningham and Wood elf

Spellwevare General LV 4 light, Spellwevar Lv 1 Beast, 2 x noble on eagles.
Nobel on rider BSB. 20 Glade Guards FCG, 4 units x 10  Glade Guars FCG
2 units of 8 dryads, 5 x Wildriders, 5 x Waywatchers 2 units of  1 Eagle
Scenario Blood and glory 

Feeling before this game.  I have a good chance to get points. I have faced Wood Elf before. A l ot of shooting and nobles on eagles. To break him I need to kill a lot of his units with standard. The problem is to get to them I think.
Turn 1-4 I move straight forward. He concentrate all his arrow and and magic(Dwellers below) vs the Bestigors. I move to get a charge but he redirect with eagles and dryads.  The Gor unit take out some wild rider and more dryads.
Turn 5-6 The Bestigors had take hard beating. Only three left but has charge and kill some small units.
I win this 11-9. Good 

A nice player and we went to the bar and get at beer after the game.
This was a OK game but a little boring. Just move forward and get shoot at.

He played his army well. He keept his noble on eagle way out of range for me.

Feeling after this game.   I think I should have deployed a little more forward, I could have reach his line in turn 4 instead of 5.  In the other way he had get a turn more to shoot S 4 shoots at me. It could have take out the Bestigors. You never now.


Game 6 vs Andrew Lewis and Lizardmen

Slan Mage lv 4 upgrade to have all signatures spells from 8 lore of the mainrulebook,
Skink priest lv 1 Heaven, Bastiladon, 2 x Salamander. 3 x scar veterans. A lot of small skink units and skink chameleon.

Scenario Battle line

Felling before this game, This is the first time  I face lizard with the new book.
A draw some parallels with my last game. I will probably face a defensive player.
Pit of shade on his slann will be my priority and the salamanders. Then the skink units if I get the opportunity.

Turn 1-2 I start I march up and aim for the slann unit. My chaff going at the flank and lure his scar vet out from the line.
As usually ythe Bestigors is the main target but this time I have no Characters in it.
Turn 3-4 His salamders is in charge rang but with some good moves from his side I can only take out one of them. Two razergors is playing cat and mouse with some chameleons.

Scar vet is hunting down my chaff units. I lose a lof Bestigors due to skinks poising shoots.
I hit the slann with  pit of shades twice  but scatter of both times.
Turn 5-6 I will now try save my points I charge a small skink unit with my Bestigors. My hope is to over run out of the table. I kill the skink unit but failed to over run far enough.

Now this unit is in a dangerous cross fire. In his last two turns he shoot down the last models of this unit. In my last turn I have a nice magic shoot with the amber spear against the Bastiladon, But it could not kill it.
I lost 7-13

Feeling after this game: Ok. I do not know if I ever had fair chance.
I still think my plan was best to beat him. Another tactic could have been to play defensive and let him come to be. Could possibly have been a draw? I think I will try this next time

This opponent was disappointed I think he had seen a 20 -0 victory when we started.
I packed my things and went to the prize award. The Norwegians had done it well in total 3 on top 10, 3 best in race, best sportsman, 2 nominations of best painted. 

I ended up with three wins and three looses 47p and 69/96 place. (Not the lowest score from the Norwegians) Maybe not so good and far from my goal.  I am happy. I have done it better than I did as average in Norway 2013.
We had some Indian food during the Sunday evening I went to bed early and the return journey went smooth. 


Feeling after this tournament. I am glad that entered this event. Some hard and good players to face, hopefully I have get some more experience that I can use in the next tournament.

I think I could have tooled my army a little more and maybe played more defensive. Two big block make it easy for the opponent to pick targets. Maybe split the blocks in two. I will also try to fit in a death magic. I will also have a look at the chaff units and probably reduce them. I will also try to use them little smarter than just throwing them away. Yes they shall die but maybe not it turn 1 and 2.

Magic weapons/missile to face ethereal I really missed that vs the Vampire.
See you

Link to some in game pictures.