Friday, 22 August 2014

More Vampire and some in game pictures

This is my latest models for my Vampire Army Hex wraights and a Vampire lord on foot. I also includee some in game pictres of my latest game at the club an on tournaments.(Indian summer) Next tournaments will be Invasion, NM and BSK. BSK is a four plyaer team tournamennt in Sweden.  photo 1_zpsb6db2620.jpg  photo 2_zpscc1ead40.jpg  photo 4_zps2ad3b3cd.jpg Game 1 Ogres Vs Empire I Lost this game bad. I lost the slaugertmaster in a miscast in round two. Game 2 vs Skaven. A small lost sorry no pictures  photo 5_zpsfafcc089.jpg Game 3 vs Empire This game was a draw  photo 6_zpsb09f2fee.jpg More from Game 3  photo 7_zpsd0fbaea7.jpg Day 2 Game 4 vs Orcs and goblins. This game was also a draw  photo 8_zps3f44ef01.jpg More from game 4  photo 9_zpsb1346316.jpg Game 5 vs Dwarf This game was one of he better tactical game of WFB I have had. I won this vs an ETC player. Yes maybe I have some skill somewhere.........  photo 3_zps515fa568.jpg This is just a pictuers of my lates game at the club Ogre vs Skaven.

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  1. Just back from vacation, so I am sorry not to have commented before now.

    Again I like the vibrant colours, especially the Hex Wrights with distinct green/yellow shading.

    I see that the “Old Bulls” still holds its ground. Like playing that army. Best of luck on the upcoming tournaments, do let us know how it goes☺